Transport and Forwarding

We consider meeting the expectations of our customers a priority, guaranteeing individual approach, flexibility, promptness and the highest quality supplies.

We specialise in road and intermodal transport of liquid products of the chemical industry. We carry neutral and hazardous products of classes ADR 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 in domestic and international transport. 

In order to provide the services, we use:

Our own rolling stock:

  • Car tractors

Presently, the whole rolling stock of the company includes MAN truck-tractors meeting all necessary technical and environmental requirements. All vehicles of the company are equipped with high quality compressors. Special hydraulic pumps were installed in parts and are helpful in unloading some types of tank-containers.

  • Trailers
We have a lot of different cisterns and tank containers (over 150 items). These are one-chamber and multi-chamber containers with different volumes. All cisterns have insulation and a heater system enabling to connect them to the industrial steam in order to heat the product. Our cisterns and tank containers are made of high-quality acid-resistant steel. We also have cisterns and tank containers filled with rubber and teflon layer.

As the parent company, Moers also manufactures transport containers. It is possible to bring specialist equipment that meets our customers’ expectations in a short time. Our tank containers also may be used as storage containers.


  • Rinnen provides transport services not only by means of its own equipment, but also uses services of other carriers. Presently, we cooperate with 15 integrated subcontractors. These are enterprises possessing their own truck-tractors, whereas Rinnen leases cisterns and tank containers to them. Before and in the course of cooperation, our subcontractors are subject to careful controls in order to assure the highest quality of the services provided on our behalf.

The equipment used by us and our subcontractors is subject to regular controls in our own vehicle control station. Any defects are removed in the company’s workshop or with the manufacturer. 

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